Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

A big round of thanks goes out to Blogging Innovation, Innovation Excellence for writing a fantastic article about buncee!

We love meeting serious roll-up-your sleeves, get-it-done innovators. When Marie Clarke Arturi told us her about how raising 40 million dollars for medical research inspired her to create buncee, we wanted to share it with you.  With a Madame Curie sense of purpose, CEO Arturi speaks of two strong desires that intersected, and motivated her. Drawn to using the renaissance tools of the web, she wanted to uniquely acknowlede the people she met who are moving science forward. Buncee, Communication through Creation, is the startup that resulted.

Buncee, Arturi, Curie and Discovery, Julie Anixter

You can read more of the article Here or by clicking on the image above!


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