Buncee Flow – Tell the Story of Your Favorite 2012 Olympics Highlights!

As the 2012 London Olympics draws to a close, we’re celebrating and sharing this amazing week! Sports history was made, and watching some of the world’s top athletes was fantastic!

Since there were so many great moments, one single Buncee frame isn’t enough to tell our story so today we’re showing you how easy it is to use Buncee Flow to create an interactive slideshow. Buncee Flows are perfect for sharing a series of images, videos, text, and links – it’s also a quick and easy way to add captivating content to your blog!

Step 1: Sign-in/Create Account on Buncee.com
Step 2: Click on the Buncee Flow Icon to get started
Step 3: Select a Background
Step 4: Add your images, videos, text, & links
Step 5: Save your Buncee Flow & Share!

Creating a Buncee Flow is just as simple as creating a regular Buncee, only now you have an unlimited number of  slides. This lets your story unfold across multiple screen tiles, each leading into the next just like a slideshow or a story board!


Quick Tip: Buncee.com has some cool new “frame” stamps for you to use in your “buncee!” Try adding some of these for a photo-album or scrapbook effect!


Thus concludes our Olympics Week at the Buncee Blog!

Tune in next week, where we’ll be enjoying a week of endless summer on buncee.com!

Until then, have a great weekend!


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Capture and Share Winning Moments in a Bit!

As we watch the 2012 Olympics winding down, we’ve learned alot about the importance of capturing the ‘Winning Moment’ and how social media has impacted how we learn about big wins or big losses.

Today’s tip is all about capturing and sharing the BIG WIN! All you need is your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and our free app: Buncee Bits!

You can make a fun little memento, aka a “buncee bit”, just like the one here, in under a minute!


Here’s how:

Step 1: Capture the winning moment on your Apple smart phone/device

Step 2: Open Buncee Bits and select your image

Step 3: Add fun and colorful text and graphics


….then share it with all your friends, family, and favorite cheerleaders!

It’s that easy! Simply take your photo, add your message, and voilà!  It’s ready for take-off!


Quick Tip: You can add a little doodle on top of your “buncee bit” photo to add some fun!


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Download Buncee Bits from the iTunes App Store !!

A Whole New Way of Sharing the Winning Moment!

Today, we’ll show you how to turn your favorite Olympics sports videos (replay, interviews, wins, etc) from youtube and vimeo into a fun, interactive, multi-media creation called a “buncee” on buncee.com!

Here’s how you can create a “buncee” like this one:

Step 1: Insert your youtube video(s) into your buncee

Step 2: Add a background, graphics, text, etc. (This buncee has both a background, a google image, and some text)

Step 3: Publish and Share!

And voilà! Now your buncee is ready to be shared!


Tomorrow, we’ll show you how to personalize and share your favorite sports photos in a flash!


Create and Share on Buncee.com !!

Keeping in Touch with Friends From Summer Sports Camp ~ Creatively!

When it comes to keeping in touch with friends you’ve met at summer sports camp by creating and sharing your photos and videos from the fun times you’ve had together, buncee.com is the place to be!

You can create your own “buncee” (like the you see above) by adding your favorite photos from your computer (videos too!), stamps, and some text.  To share, you can tag your friends and share it to their Facebook wall, or “@” them on Twitter, or Pin it, or email it, or all the above!

We’ll be back at the Olympics tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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Create Your Own Custom Sports Photo Collage!

Love browsing through the photo galleries on the Olympics website or on your favorite teams’ Facebook pages? Love sharing them with your friends? Thinking of compiling your favorite photos into your own custom gallery?

Fabulous!  We love to do that too, and found how to do it both efficiently and creatively on Buncee.com. Just pick your favorite photos (or videos) and add them to a ‘buncee’. When you’re done, share it to your social networks or email!  There is no limit to the fun ways you can creatively arrange the photos!

This “buncee” is a compilation of the some favorite Olympic photos captured today from the “Day 10 Equestrian Team Jumping Finals.”


Its Sports week on the Buncee Blog!

We’ll be showing you how you can share your sports news and gusto and have some fun by creating buncees on buncee.com!

To all the sport enthusiasts and athletes, you should definitely stay tuned for this!


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Celebrate Your Favorite Olympians and Teams!


As we’re delving deeper into the excitement of the 2012 Olympics, we all want to show some team spirit and cheer on our favorite Olympic Athletes.  Root for your team and celebrate the wins by creating and sharing it in a “buncee” on buncee.com!

Also wanted to give a shout-out of congratulations to the “Fab Five” for bringing home the gold medal in the Women’s Team Gymnastics, and to Team USA’s Swim Team for winning the Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Relay and Women’s 200m Freestyle!

Today’s “buncee” (above) is a compilation of photos celebrating the Fab Five’s team gold win!  You can view it in more detail by clicking on the above image, or by clicking here )


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on how you can create a cool multi-media party invitation on Buncee.com!

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