Back-to-School: Shopping and Coupons and Sales, Oh My!

Just as much as we love to share our our back to school and back to college shopping finds to pals and family through, we also love to share some of the latest sales and coupons we come across!

To wrap up this week of school shopping and Buncee creating and sharing, we leave you with this mini step-by-step guide to create a coupon-and-sale picture board Buncee (like what you see above):

Step 1. Go to and Login/Signup/Connect with Facebook or Twitter and then click “Fixed”

Step 2. Type in a title and select a nifty background

(this cardboard Buncee Background can be found under the category “Paper”)

Step 3. Add Text and Stickers

(got these paint splatter stamps in the category “Any/Random”)

Step 4. Insert images of the coupons and browse through Video & Sound & Image for some graphics

(searched “thumbtacks png” under Google Image Search)

Step 5. Publish and Share!


The Buncee Blog will be going off to college next week, so join us as we create Buncees for study guides, dorm room decorating, and showing some school spirit- just to name a few!

Until then, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see some Buncees on that were created by you!

(Dont forget to vote on our “What’s Your SmartPhone Of Choice” poll from yesterday’s post!)


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Does This DIY Buncee Count as a Back to School Gift?

As we’re in the midst of shopping and sharing our finds on, a gift for the college-goers is on the to-do list!  Today, we’ll share with you how someone send a gift in a Buncee at!

The creator of this Buncee (“Buncee-er”) found a fantastic DIY tutorial on the internet how to create a custom laptop (or tablet) case from some home goods, and decided to make it into a Buncee!  They compiled the images from the tutorial onto a crisp Buncee background, added a fun frame, a materials list, text, and links, and then sent it out as a gift to their DIY-enthusiast buddy and college suite-mate.

Whether it’s a “best of success” greeting card, or a mini photo album, or video collage, isn’t just a great place for self-expression in multi-media creations, it’s also a place of sharing!  In this case, sending a gift!


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!  We’ll be shopping and making Buncees for back to school electronics and gadgets!


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