Buncee Flow – Tell the Story of Your Favorite 2012 Olympics Highlights!

As the 2012 London Olympics draws to a close, we’re celebrating and sharing this amazing week! Sports history was made, and watching some of the world’s top athletes was fantastic!

Since there were so many great moments, one single Buncee frame isn’t enough to tell our story so today we’re showing you how easy it is to use Buncee Flow to create an interactive slideshow. Buncee Flows are perfect for sharing a series of images, videos, text, and links – it’s also a quick and easy way to add captivating content to your blog!

Step 1: Sign-in/Create Account on Buncee.com
Step 2: Click on the Buncee Flow Icon to get started
Step 3: Select a Background
Step 4: Add your images, videos, text, & links
Step 5: Save your Buncee Flow & Share!

Creating a Buncee Flow is just as simple as creating a regular Buncee, only now you have an unlimited number of  slides. This lets your story unfold across multiple screen tiles, each leading into the next just like a slideshow or a story board!


Quick Tip: Buncee.com has some cool new “frame” stamps for you to use in your “buncee!” Try adding some of these for a photo-album or scrapbook effect!


Thus concludes our Olympics Week at the Buncee Blog!

Tune in next week, where we’ll be enjoying a week of endless summer on buncee.com!

Until then, have a great weekend!


Create and Share on Buncee.com !!

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