Happy Labor Day! From the Buncee Blog!

The Buncee Blog would like to wish you all a very happy Labor Day and weekend!
Until we return to the office next week, let’s sit back, relax, and have some fun on Buncee.com!
Some fun things you can do on Buncee.com this Labor Day:
  • Send a Happy Labor Day greeting card in a Buncee!
  • Share your favorite barbecue recipes in a Buncee!
  • Create a Buncee about the history of Labor Day with a Wikipedia attachment!  (Did you know you can view a Wikipedia page as a popup a Buncee?)
  • Post a quick Happy Labor Day message to your Facebook wall (or Twitter feed, or Pinterest board, or Tumblr wall) from Buncee’s free mobile app: Buncee Bits!
See you all next month!

Share a Buncee, Share a Smile: Endless Summer

This is just a preview, click on the buncee above to see the full buncee!
We love Summer, and found that we can share the summer love year round when we create and share a buncee at Buncee.com!
Buncee Story: Share A Smile
The buncee you see above was created as a surprise for someone’s sister.  She adores all things summer.
So the buncee.com-user (aka buncee-er) decided to find some beach and summer-y animated gifs and create a buncee to give to the sister. When the buncee was emailed out, the buncee-er shortly after received a thank you note from the sister saying that the animated summer photos in the buncee brought a smile to her face. Later, the sister then wanted to share more smiles and shared the same buncee to her friends who also love all things summer!
We’re having a week of the endless summer here at the Buncee Blog, so stay tuned for more summer-ific buncee fun!
This user created this buncee out of gifs Click on the image above to see the full quality buncee!)

Keeping in Touch with Friends From Summer Sports Camp ~ Creatively!

When it comes to keeping in touch with friends you’ve met at summer sports camp by creating and sharing your photos and videos from the fun times you’ve had together, buncee.com is the place to be!

You can create your own “buncee” (like the you see above) by adding your favorite photos from your computer (videos too!), stamps, and some text.  To share, you can tag your friends and share it to their Facebook wall, or “@” them on Twitter, or Pin it, or email it, or all the above!

We’ll be back at the Olympics tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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