buncee Helps Send Love and Support to Our Troops!

Do you have a family member or loved one in the military currently deployed? buncee.com is a great, quick, easy, way to send your love, greetings, and support with interactive digital notes sure to bring a smile to any service member’s day! buncee’s Courtney Mitterando had the opportunity to share her story in an interview with the Army Wives Radio Network on March 18th. We were thrilled to be listed as a ‘resource’ for families and are grateful for the opportunity, as several members of the buncee team know first hand what it means to have family in the service.

Here are some examples and tips on how you can stay in touch with our Troops using buncee!


(Click the image to view the buncee and listen to the interview which begins about 68 min. into the program.)

How can you use buncee to stay in touch? Here are some examples. Let’s say, your husband is overseas and is going to miss your son’s first T-ball game…you can record the game, load it on your YouTube account and post it into buncee along with a fun background, a couple pictures of the game, a personal message, and a few clip art images. On the days you wake up and you’re really missing your family member who is deployed, you could put together a collage of pictures, add in a video of your favorite song, or a song that is happy and would make his or her day, and a personal message…there’s no way that wouldn’t put a smile on someone’s face!

buncee proud of servicemen

(Click the image to view the buncee.)

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.28.46 AM

(Click the image to view the buncee and see an awesome video!)

Quick Tips:

  • Send your serviceperson a birthday greeting with pictures and YouTube video!
  • Send them a quick scrapbook featuring video / photos of your kid’s latest game or dance recital
  • Send them an inspirational note to tell them you’re thinking of them
  • Send them a personalized thank you for their service
  • Cheer their day by putting together a collage of all their favorite songs

Remember, anyone can setup an account on buncee.com for free so why not send your favorite serviceperson or veteran a digital ‘salute’ today!

buncee thanks our veterans

(Click the image to view the buncee.)