Teachers & Students love buncee!

Did you know that creating a buncee to help you study is an instant way to create a ‘digital index card’. Now, instead of putting your quiz notes on those 4×6 paper cards – why not create an interactive buncee that you can share with your classmates and access any time?

Here’s a great example about a project on ‘Ancient Rome’:

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.20.07 AM






[Click on the image to see the buncee]

How can buncee help Teachers?

  • Create interactive lesson guides that contain web links, images, or videos to supplement your study topics
  • Younger students enjoy creating holiday greetings for their friends & family while learning computer skills
  • Save, store, and present up-to-date research and information that students can view, comment on, and share
  • Create digital flash cards to help students prepare for quizzes or tests – the visual appeal and fun designs keep students engaged with the content
  • Teachers control whether their buncees are private or public for the class to review and share
  • Accessible via the web from any platform letting you view your buncees anytime, from anywhere!

How can buncee help Students?

  • buncee is an easy to use platform for preparing class work or online research required to complete homework and lessons
  • Encourages creative presentation skills using digital tools that help students collect online information storing notes and links
  • Explore creativity by creating stunning digital greetings, artwork, holiday cards and more – great for younger students
  • Create interactive study guides to help them prepare for classwork, tests, and quizzes which they can instantly share with classmates for discussion and group assignments
  • Capture and collect research information ‘on-the-go’ using buncee’s mobile apps and share them instantly

For more tips and examples, you can download our interactive tip guide here.