A Whole New Way of Creating and Sharing Party Invitations!

Planning a summer party?  Great!  We love parties and discovered that Buncee.com is a fantastic place to create unique, multi-media party invitations and then share them via email or to your favorite social networks- all in a fun, quick and easy way!

Here’s how you can create a rad “buncee” invitation like the one above:
Step 1 ~ Find an awesome summer themed photo to use as your background
Step 2 ~ Add your party details, date, time, location, etc.
Step 3 ~ Mix it up by adding a YouTube video, some photos, a message, etc. to get people into the party mood!


Tomorrow, we’ll see how to share the fun we’ve had at the party in a thank you note or a picture-video scrapbook created on Buncee.com!


Create and Share on Buncee.com !!