Capture the Memories! Share the Fun!

If you’re looking for something new and fun to do with all your photos and videos you’ve taken at the last parties you’ve attended, then we’d love to recommend you try mixing them together in a “buncee” from!

When it comes to creating digital Thank You notes and photo collages, is a great place to create and share both!

This buncee here is a combination of a “Thank You” note and a Scrapbook page!  (Yes, you can do that in a “buncee!”)  It also has a music video of one of the favorite songs played at the party!


Want to share the fun instantly? If you have an iPhone, you can download our free Buncee Bits mobile app (link).  It lets you take your iPhone photos and add text, drawings, or frames to them!  And right after you snap your party pictures, Buncee Bits also lets you share them with your friends – instantly!


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and look forward to you tuning in next week to see some more “buncees” in action!

Until then, feel free to check back at some of our older posts to comment or use as inspiration for creating your own “buncee!”


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