A buncee Makeover!

Where have all the bloggers gone?  
They’ve been creating new upgrades to buncee.com; ever increasing your fun, efficient, and creative buncee experience!

Along with the November Contest (don’t forget to submit your buncee creations!) and additions to the clip art, messages, and backgrounds library, buncee.com has installed some incredible, new features.  Below are highlights and screenshots of these installments.

Selector tab:   Browse through messages, clipart, and online content with the Selector tab at the bottom of your buncee Creation “Canvas.”

(This Selector tab should be familiar to those who have the buncee Pro iPad App.)

Layers tab:  Users are now able to easily arrange the media in your buncee “Canvas.”  By clicking the “show layers” icon on the top right of your Canvas, you open the Layers tab.  Here, you can change the order of the items in your Canvas.  Examples: bringing a picture to the very front of all the other items on the Canvas, etc. 
Online Content Search tab: Now you can search and find your favorite videos, photos, and music without having to leave your buncee Creation page!  Simply click and open “Online Content,” choose one of the four search fields (Google, Flickr, Youtube, or Soundcloud), enter your search into the tab, and voilà!  
We hope you enjoy the recent additions to buncee.com and continue to create and share all of your favorite ideas!  Feel free to leave comments! 
We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

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